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0-10V Analog Dimmers controlled by standard 0 - 10V DC analog signal or from a potentiometer.       

    All products MADE IN USA                 


LED Dimmers  controlled by standard Analog 0-10V signal

operating constant voltage from 11 VDC to 25 VDC ( other DC voltages available )  

Digital Lighting Systems Analog 0-10V Dimmers  are used to dim LED lights that use constant Voltage DC 12 VDC or 24 VDC


They are compatible with any standard 0-10V wall dimmer and could be integrated with 0-10 V lighting controls, photo cells, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and energy management  systems. ( Lutron, leviton, Cooper, Wattstopper, etc...)


All the 0-10V dimmers could be controlled as well from an 80-100 KOhm potentiometer. 

available: 0 - 10 V control signal LED Dimmers

AD110-A10 : 1 channel x 10 Amps LED dimmer          $44.00

DAD210 : 2 channel x 10 Amps LED dimmer               $72.00

QAD410 : 4 channel x 10 Amps LED dimmer               $92.00

COLORMIX-410 : QAD410 color mixer with 4 PKW potentiometers  $ 110.00

Follow this link for  0-10V  line voltage dimmer packs
Follow this link for converter from 120 VAC dimmer to 0-10 V analog control signal

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