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Our Lighting control products range from simple four circuit lighting animation chasers to advanced architectural control and dimming systems.

Our product lines are divided into two main categories, Architectural Lighting Control Systems and Animation Lighting control products.

For more information, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff at 305-969-8442.     All our products are Manufactured in the USA

Architectural Lighting Control systems


PROTOCOL - Residential and Commercial architectural lighting control system for digital switching and dimming of multiple loads from multiple locations.  Could be interfaced with other control systems.

The PROTOCOL dimming system is a simple to install and use distributed processing Lighting control with many hi-tech features.

Besides regular dimmer packs for 120 VAC loads the PROTOCOL system includes PWM  LED dimmer Modules for dimming and switching Low voltage LED lighting loads .


Animation Lighting Controls 



A very broad spectrum of innovative and simple lighting chasers and faders for the Sign, Casino and Entertainment industries. Spellers and Sequencers for signs, Marquee.etc... Four-circuit, multi-circuit and multi-pattern chasers. LAS VEGAS type sign animation controllers. Fountain and Pool lighting color-mixing. Includes the excellent, compact and economical MC SERIES "Mini-Chaser", MF SERIES "Mini-Fader", BC SERIES low voltage chaser, SC SERIES "Super-Chaser", SF SERIES "Super-Fader".

(LED and DC Voltage dimmers and controllers




A complete line of DMX512 compatible dimmer and switch packs PD series DMX512 dimmers available for VAC or VDC (PWM LED  Dimmer ).  Innovative DMX512 logic controllers including the COLOURSUM RGB Color mixer Dimmer with 8 scenes manual or auto scenes crossfade, OPTIMA-DS cross-fade/chase controller, the MATRIX custom controller for 512 channel multi-event signs, and the COMPACT Series DMX dimmers controller with scene capabilities. Standard and custom patterns for small to multi event sign animation and displays.

( LED Dimmers and DC Voltage controllers )    

Other types of dimmers manufactured

DMX 512 Dimmers              Analog 0-10V dimmers








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