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DAD210  PWM LED Dual Dimmer module with pot. or analog 0 -10 V control  ( PWM  LED Dimmers DC Voltage ) VAC dimmers click here

Commercial grade 0-10V to PULSE WIDTH MODULATION ( PWM ) LED Dual DIMMER for LED lights ( color temperature adjustment ) & DC motor speed control. It could be added to  power supplies output to make them dimmable LED drivers.

Controlled with 2 x 0-10V signal sinking or  2 x 100 KOHM  potentiometer.

Operating Voltage 11VDC to 24 VDC.@10 A.


DAD210-A10  Dual LED PWM dimmers controllable from 0-10 V analog sinking or with a 100 KOHM potentiometer. Supplied as a Printed Circuit Board Module for OEMs and for integration in power supplies and LED Drivers & light fixtures. Used for LED color temperature adjustment.

DMX512 Dimmers and Switches  for use with LED lights.


PD402-DMX 4 LED dimmers x 2.5 A.@ 12 or 24 V DC

PD405-DMX 4 LED dimmers x 5 A.@ 12 or 24 V DC ( 4 inputs)

MD402-DMX Open frame LED dimmer module for PD402-DMX

PP405-DMX  Open frame LED dimmer module for PD405-DMX

SP804-DMX  Open frame LED module  8 switches x 3.5 Amps

SP1604-DMX Open frame LED module 16 switches x 3.5 Amps 

CD400-DMX 4 LED dimmers with total load of 8 Amps PCB

          (compact size for OEM and integration in Fixtures)

Call us to help you select the right poducts for your application

  Two Year Limited Warranty .                                   DAD210  Wiring diagram                                                                    Made in the USA


PWM-R11  repeater /  Amplifi

 The AD110-A10 could be connected to PWM-R11 to dim more LED lighting loads connected to different power supplies without the need to run control wires.


converter for Automotive


a repeater amplifier that converts Common Positive dimmers to Common Negative dimmers for automotive applications.

For 12 VDC  applications with Common Negative wiring.

 Optional potentiometer control for DAD210:  PKW

PKW   100K  wired potentiometer   

100 KOHM prewired Potentiometer with Knob
for stand alone usage

List price: PKW  
$ 9.00

DAD210 0-10V converter to PWM LED dimmer                                         $ 78.00


Voltage range: 11VDC to 24 VDC ; Dimmer Outputs: 2 x 10 A. load 

Control in : 2 x 0 - 10V; 0.6 mA  or 100 K pot.


PULSE WIDTH MODULATION ( PWM) DIMMER Common Positive; Controls Negative side.

( Potentiometer or 0 - 10 V Analog controlled PWM dimmer for LED  & VDC loads )

2 x10 Amps PWM LED Dimmers 11-24 VDC voltage range


for dimming LED Lights, Color temperature control , VDC loads, DC Motor speed control....

Advanced MOSFET outputs generate no heat and require no heat sinking device.

Voltage Regulated control circuitry provides smooth and flicker free dimming from 0% to 100 %.

use LED lights with LED dimmers to save energy

Manufactured by Digital Lighting Systems: 305) 969-8442,     [E-mail Us]

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