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New lighting controllers DMX Dimmers & 0-10Vdimmers

PD104-AN10  0-10V dimmer 1 x 4 A.

DT-AN10-PWM 120VAC dimmer converter to 0-10 V control and PWM low voltage dimming

Analog 0-10V dimmer packs

DIGTAN4-DMX  Converter DMX 512 to 4 channel 0-10V analog controls      

DMX512 compatible dimmer components for mostly PWM LED dimming and DC Voltage  applications

AD110 PWM analog LED dimmer    line of 0-10 V LED dimmers and repeaters.   

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            Easy to install & to use lighting control, dimming & animation solutions with very comprehenseive technical support,

Manufactured in the USA 

Our quality lighting control products are backed by our extensive engineering expertise in lighting controls.

We manufacture reliable lighting controls and we provide a professional & comprehensive technical assistance from project design to execution.

We also specialize in PWM LED dimmers ( pulse width modulation to dim VDC lights ) ; experienced in LED lighting dimming & control products.


Since 1978, Digital lighting Systems, have been a reliable source for Lighting controllers, Dimmers & animation products  for controlling & dimming incandescent,
PWM LED lights dimmers,  neon, fluorescent & motorized loads.

(compatible with power line dimmable ballasts & LED drivers , QUICKTRONIC POWERSENSE , Mark 10 Powerline, Lutron Hi Lume , etc...)

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