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MATRIX Lighting Controller
DMX512 Logic lighting controller with Custom Patterns for complex animation and spelling sequences.
4 to 512 Channel General Animation & Sign lighting Control Systems.


Price: $298.00

Please contact us for detailed information on the best applications for this lighting control product.


MATRIX   Multiple channels animation, Sign Spellers,.....

DMX512 compatible Custom lighting controller, up to 512 channels, switch only .

Matrix controllers are small, compact controllers that use the DMX512 lighting control protocol.

Factory preprogrammed sequences and patterns are based on each lighting animation application. The MATRIX could be used in  simple speller applications as well as in complex and large lighting animation shows (chasing in different patterns). With the MATRIX, multi-pattern, multi-event lighting shows are easily controlled using our off-the shelf switch packs.

Matrix-XY controllers can be programmed to animate a display horizontally ( X axes) and vertically ( Y axes) to create a dazzling two dimensional movement.

MATRIX controllers are programmed at the factory based on the customers or designer  requirements or with patterns that are cumulated through years of experience  in the lighting animation field.

These Patterns are created and then downloaded to the MATRIX. The MATRIX physically resembles many of our other DMX512 controllers such as the OPTIMA and COMPACT Series.

The MATRIX simply plugs into any DMX 512 dimmer/switch packs and the sequence may be started.

The MATRIX is ideal for movie theatre marquee and blade signs, for decorative displays , for name spelling and for animation of lighting outlined shapes or backlit pictures.... 


( Could be ordered with ESTA RJ45 connector Pin out:1= + DATA;  2= - DATA )



Main Features

  • 4 to 512 Channel DMX Controller.

  • Manual/Auto Pattern Change.

  • Chase Rate Control.

  • Static On and Blackout Modes.

  • Simple to Complex pre-programmed chase patterns in X, Y and XY directions.

  • Typically used for large spellers and signs .

  • Las Vegas type signs.

  • Any lighting animation application requiring more than the standard simple light chase or fade.

Picture above shows an example of MATRIX system setup; The display could be also not based on X/Y directions movement  such as multi neon or LEd lines

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