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SC802-12DC / SC802-24DC
Cross-Fader / Chaser Lighting controller- 16 different patterns

Sequencer, chaser and flasher  for up to 8 channel LED displays  MADE IN USA

SC802 : 8-Circuit (8-Point) Electronic auto dimmers, Cross-Faders , chasers  

SC802-12DC and SC802-24DC cross-faders / chasers are selectable 3 to 8-circuit solid-state lighting animation controllers models for driving 12VDc and 24 VDC loads respectively ( LED chasers and dimmers applications ). They are ideal for limited budget applications requiring multi mode Fade, auto dimming, color-mixing sequences. In addition to the industry standard "Single-Lamp Fade", 1 Dimmer-On/ 7 dimmers-Off combination, they offer another 14 cross-fade combinations to select from with an automatic pattern scrolling mode.

The Speed Rate and Pattern Selectors are hexadecimal rotary switches.  SC802 cross-faders are very compact in size and can be installed inside standard NEMA boxes.

The SC802 is ideal for applications in signs, color wash and displays requiring sequencing of different lights or in movement simulation displays. The SC802  is competitively priced and will provide years of trouble-free operation. These DC Voltage units are excellent controllers for the now affordable and popular LED lights displays and for color Mixing with RGB L.E.D.s.

SC802 Specifications and User manual

Made in USA 

Main Features

  • Adjustable Auto Dim , Fade/Chase  Rate.
  • Sixteen Fade/ chase combinations (Patterns).
  • Field selectable : 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 channel operation and Chase Fade operation.
  • Automatic Pattern Scrolling or Fixed Pattern Mode.
  • All solid-state with heavy duty outputs (0.028 OHM  Mosfets for 60 VDC)

Output Rating

  • Multi-Lamp Fade ( PWM DIMMERS ) or chase Combinations

  • 2 x 10 Amps inputs ; 8 Channels x 2.5 Amps Outputs.

  • When locked on single-Channel Fade (1-On/8-Off): 8 x 5A.

  • Internal Fuse Protection.

  • Screw-terminal for Quick Installation.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Compact OPEN U shaped Aluminum Frame

  • 4.30" x 7.00" x 1.50".

      Ordering and Pricing Information

  • SC802-12DC, 12 VDC Input, 8 x 2.5 A. Outputs at 12 VDC.        -$ 265    NOW  $185.00  Great for LED Auto dimming & RGB color mixing

  • SC802-24DC, 24 VDC Input, 8 x 2.5 A. Outputs at 24 VDC.        -$ 265   NOW  $185.00  Great for LED Auto dimming & RGB color mixing

Warranty            One year limited warranty on parts and labor .

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