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REP-AN10 0-10V signal amplifier repeater

REP-AN10:  Amplifies an input signal of 0-10 V to an output signal of 1-10 V 150 mA.

REP-AN10:  0-10V analog control Repeater / amplifier :

Operating Voltage : 12 VDC  ; 100 mA min.

Input : 0-10V analog control sinking or sourcing

Output : 0-10V analog control sinking 150 mA.  maximum

PC BOARD ONLY WITHOUT ENCLOSURE  Dimensions : 3.75" x 1.85"        $ 48.00 

REP-AN10-30 : Operating Voltage from 14.5 VDC to 30 VDC   $56


Enclosure is optional, call for quote


REP-AN10 0-10V analog repeater amplifier wiring


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