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CHASERS (auto switchers) , FADERS (auto dimmers),  SEQUENCERS, SPELLERS, LED dimmers ...

Lighting Controllers , chasers, flashers, LED dimmers for lighting animation, sign controls, marquee lights & color mixing... 

Replace mechanical flashers and controllers with these reliable Solid State sign lighting chasers   

Made in the USA        since 1978

CHASER4   1 pattern ( 1 light ON ) 2,3 or 4 channels user selectable lighting chaser for marquees & other lighting sequencer and light animation applications. MCFseries   Multi pattern ( 14+ Auto  ) 2,3 or 4 channel user selectable lighting chaser for marquees & other lighting sequencer applications.

CHASER10  1 pattern ( 1 light ON  )


from  2 to 10 channels user selectable lighting chaser for marquees & other lighting sequencer and light animation applications.

MF SERIES "Mini-Fader"   

MF series & SC For VDC

Line and Low-Voltage 4 x 2.5 Amp light Chaser fader (Auto dimmers) lighting controller with 15 patterns and variable speed selectors. ( 25 Amps triacs )


UL recognized

SC SERIES "Super-Chaser" lighting controller

High & Low Voltage Light Chaser available in 12V, 24V, 120V and 220V versions. 4 x 8 amp outputs (40Amps triacs), 16 exciting patterns. 


CUL listed

SF SERIES "Super-Fader"   lighting controller

Same as SC , Light Chaser with Cross-Fading available in 12V, 24V, 120V and 220V versions. 4 x 8 amp outputs, 16 exciting patterns.


CUL listed

LVC4DC LED chaser, flasher, dimming VDC
2,3 or 4 ch. 8 A/ channel @ 8VDC to 26 VDC

CF400 & CF45  compact fader chaser

3 or 4 channel fader (auto dimmer ), Chaser.

Voltage range  6VDC to 24 VDC.

Max Load per Output: 5 Amps.;

Max Total Load 8 Amps


LED color mixing and chasing.

BC SERIES "Low-Voltage Chaser"  lighting controller

available in 12 VAC & 24 VAC 4 x 5 Amps


Dimmers for VDC constant voltage LED lights


Dimmers for constant voltage LED lights


Converts 120 VAC dimmer output to PWM low voltage VDC dimmer
0-10 V & regular LED dimmers  

Analog PWM LED dimmer  modules for loads operating at 11-to 24 VDC 10 Amps . 0 - 10  V control standard control. Single, Dual & Quad

Controllable from standard 1-10V  sinking or sourcing wall dimmers and controllers or usable as stand alone with 100 Kohm Potentiometer.  


Repeater for 4 channel PWM dimmers ( RGB W )


Repeater for PWM dimmers


4 channel PWM dimmers  repeater / amplifier.    Could be used with any of our DC voltage controllers and dimmer packs.


1 channel PWM dimmer  repeater / amplifier.    Could be used with AD110-A10 or any other PWM dimmer

Our solid state flashers, chasers are a reliable & inexpensive replacement for mechanical flashers, sequencers or spellers made by FMS, Signatrol, Rocox,  American lighting or others, (no mechanical parts to fail or contacts to wear) for trouble free operation & more animation features.

 For multi effect multi channel controllers and LED dimmers go to DMX 512 Dimmers controllers pages

Digital Lighting Systems manufacture a line of reliable solid state lighting flashers, sequencers, chasers, Faders and dimmers  or the Sign, Casino and Entertainment industries, Spellers and Sequencers for signs, Four-circuit marquee light chasers, multi-circuit and multi-pattern chasers. LAS VEGAS type sign animation controllers. Fountain, Pool and Spa lighting color-mixing.  Controls line voltage and VDC LED lights.  All these lighting controllers have standard sequences but could be preprogrammed to become Spellers with the customers defined patterns and sequences. 

ANIMATION  lighting controls PRICING 

Digital Lighting Systems,inc., a member of the American Lighting control industry since 1978, manufacture a variety of self contained lighting automation controllers (Flashers, Sequencers, Spellers, Chasers and Faders) used in a variety of applications (for animation systems with remote controllers please see our DMX-SERIES pages). They are designed to handle most types of low-voltage and high-voltage loads including linear architectural lighting, incandescent, cold cathode neon, LED's and fluorescent lighting. You will find our off-the-shelf controllers adequate for most requirements. We also design and build custom lighting controllers with up to 512 channels to specific customer specifications (also see our DMX-SERIES pages).

Our prices are extremely competitive and our quality, service and customer support are unsurpassed in the industry. All of our controllers are non-mechanical and are built using durable Solid-State technology. They can work on either 60 or 50 Hz and are available in 12VAC, 24VAC, 120VAC and 220VAC. Our BC-SERIES & MF SERIES chase controllers are available for DC Voltage operation also ( LEDs and Other DC light sources ).

A knowledgeable technical staff can help you select the most fitting controllers for your lighting animation projects

Controllers  suitable for dimming or switching incandescent, low-voltage, LED,  neon, fluorescent and motorized loads.

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