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 LDTAN  converts a 120 VAC dimmer output to 0-10V signal dimmer for LED & other 0-10V dimming devices


Converts dimming signal from standard 120 VAC dimmer to a sinking 0-10V signal to control up to 50 0-10V dimmable devices.
Does not require an additional power supply.


INPUT from 120 VAC phase cut dimmer
OUTPUT : 0.9 -10 V control 50 mA.

Converter retrofit :

For converting a 120 VAC dimmer output to a 0-10 V dimming signal to control 0-10V dimmable LED drivers

Note that Dimming curve response will differ among Wall dimmers,

LDTAN input, depending on dimmer types, might need an additional dummy resistive load  between 3,500 OHMs and 6000 OHMs , 5 Watts minimum connected in parallel.


                      Mounts on a two gang standard 2" deep electric box.

                      Dimensions : 4.80" x 4.80"


Wiring diagram LDTAN dimmer converter                             $ 98.00

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