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DMX512 Signal Amplifier / repeater / splitter  Module, compatible with DMX dimmers and lighting controls



DMXREP11-BO  Actual size


Dimensions: 2.65" x 1.95" x .80"

$ 49.00

DMXREP11-BO : DMX 512 signal repeater Module :

  • Optically isolated Input and Output DMX signals

  • Accepts DMX 512 signals or one way RS485 up to 1 MHZ

  • Operates on 8-12 VAC or VDC

  • Reliable & Economically priced

  • Compact size: 2.65" x 1.95" x .80"

  • ( fits in Pac Tec OD33-20 outdoors plastic enclosure )

  • PC Board Module only

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Several DMXREP11 modules could be used to  make a multiple outputs signal splitter for multiple signal runs.


Mounting and Wiring diagram



Example of a MULTI output Splitter using multiple DMXREP11 DMX repeaters

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