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Typical Expanded PROTOCOL Lighting control Systems

Several PS Series stations and PD Series dimmers  /  switches modules can be connected together using a 4-wire bus to create a very large integrated control system. 

Stations and dimmers may be placed anywhere on the system and in any order. 

Station buttons may be field or factory configured with different functions    ( dimmers , on-off , momentary , preset , etc...) and assigned to control a single load or to control multiple loads simultaneously. 

Buttons on different stations can be identically programmed allowing for unlimited multi-point control. Once programmed, stations and load drivers will work independently of each other without relying on any central component in the system. 

The  PROTOCOL totally distributed intelligence is a unique reliability feature not encountered in any other integrated dimming product.

Wireless RS485 interfaces could be used to interconnect different sections without the need for a DATA cable.



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